Yes, it’s difficult to brooch with our aging parents and family members and yet, it’s terrifying to not! One must then weigh the pros and cons of saving a few egos in contrast to saving lives. Sounds extreme, but every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. So it begs the question, why then, not have the conversation?!

The most important part of having the conversation is empathy, listening and understanding that for those experiencing changes in their ability to safely navigate their home or other environments – it’s chock full of emotions. Many feel depressed, saddened and even hopeless, feeling like independence is slowly slipping away. But indeed, now is the time for “reframe”.

Taking action to outfit your home with fall prevention safety modifications is less about loss of independence and more about prolonging independence, allowing an aging population confidence, loss of fear and comfort in remaining in their own homes.

Avoid the taboo epithet and begin the conversation. Intervention is prevention…and waiting to have a conversation after the crisis..may be too late. Once a fall has taken place, ancillary complications come into play, and it can dramatically alter the direction of ones’ life.