Grab Bar FAQ 

How do I know if I need a grab bar?

MEASURAbilities Home Safety provides free home safety assessments performed by our physical therapist and occupational therapists. The therapists will provide clinically guided recommendations based on your individual health status, physical limitations and environmental concerns. Placement, size, and location are all addressed and customized appropriate to your specific needs and space.

How do I know what size grab bar I will need?

A MEASURAbilities physical therapist or occupational therapist will come to your home, providing a free home safety assessment, at which time they will and evaluate and determine your grab bar needs. Grab bars come in a variety of sizes and styles. The location of the grab bar installation will depend on your specific needs anywhere in your home. Most importantly, all installations are clinically guided based on individual diagnosis or physical limitation to ensure optimal fall prevention safety outcomes.

Will I have a selection of grab bar styles to choose from?

MEASURAbilities Home Safety carries a full line of Moen brand safety grab bars in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, designed to be compatible with your bathroom fixtures and décor. Safety is our priority, but we understand the importance of aesthetics; select from a variety of finishes such as black, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, stainless and more! We carry designer, stylized bars with different features.

Am I required to purchase a minimum number of grab bars?

No. The goal of MEASURAbilities Home Safety is to ensure you are safe. Our professionals will help you identify locations, which may benefit from the installation of a grab bar. You and the MEASURAbilities specialist may identify one or more areas where you feel you would most benefit from a grab bar installation. The therapist will measure and observe you navigating the desired area to ensure proper recommendation and placement.

What can I expect on installation day?

Your MEASURAbilities Home Safety therapists will have pre-measured the locations you have chosen for grab bar installation on their first visit to your home. On installation day, the grab bars will be installed in the marked locations. The installation process is brief, depending on the quantity and location of grab bars being installed. Grab bars are installed using ADA installation guidelines.

We are licensed, bonded and insured – Arizona contractors, ROC# 290652. Our installation team is timely, professional, knowledgeable with great attention to detail and cleanliness. Our goal is to keep you safe, and help prevent falls.

Non-Slip Surface Treatment for Floors, Tub and Shower – FAQ’s 

How long will the treatment last?

We guarantee an increased coefficient of friction for 1-2 years in commercial applications and 3-10 years in residential applications, depending upon the traffic pattern and maintenance practices.

Do I have to use a special cleaner once the surface has been treated?

Residentially, no special care is required once your tub, shower or floors have been treated. Cleaning them as you typically do will not affect the non slip treatment. No. However, commercial restaurants must use a degreaser to clean their floor. Otherwise, grease will build up over time, causing the floor to be slippery. In that instance, you would be walking on layers of grease rather than the treated floor.

How long will it take to apply the non-slip treatment?

Treatment application time varies depending on the size of the area(s) being treated. Treatment times can be from 45 minutes or longer if the area is larger.

Will there be any visible changes to the appearance of the floor, tub, shower surface?

There is no visible change in appearance. We often will do a “test” area in an inconspicuous location (i.e., behind the toilet), prior to treating the area.

Will there be any reaction to the skin when treatment is applied to bathtubs?

No, as there is no chemical remaining in the bathtub. This is not a coating or a sealer. Once the treatment product has been applied, it is neutralized. What remains is a quality non-slip surface to reduce your risk of falling when getting in and out of the bathtub.

Will bathtubs/showers be harder to clean following treatment?

No, it will be the same. In the case where strips or mats were used, the cleaning will be easier after a non-slip treatment.

Do I have to use a special cleaner after my floor, tub or shower is treated?

No. Whatever you used before your treatment, continue use afterward.


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