What Our Customers Say

Great service! Always in contact and on time. Very customer oriented.
Villdoc NJ
Sandy and Deena are wonderful to work with. Very prompt, responsive, and knowledgeable. I always reach out to them when we have a client needing assistance.
Stephanie Nesbitt
We represent people with complex injuries that have a profound, but often subtle, impact on their physical abilities. Sandy does a find job of providing credible, objective testing that helps a jury understand how the injury has changed the life of the person who suffered it. And he does so in a timely and cost-effective way. I recommend him frequently to other personal injury lawyers.
Matt Millea
I have known Sandy and worked with him for quite a number of years. He is extremely professional and strives to do what he commits to. He is an excellent therapist.
Sharik Peck
I am a VR counselor who has worked with Sandy Goldstein and MEASURAbilities for 16 years. Sandy is a very skilled physical therapist and knowledgeable about functional capacity evaluations (FCE), work site/ergonomic evaluations and seating assessments. Sandy’s evaluation reports are very thorough and his summary report is user friendly. Sandy has excellent customer service skills and is able to establish a positive rapport with my clients during their initial meeting. Sandy provides preventive measures to insure that the clients will not injure themselves during an FCE. Sandy provides clear and concise information to clients during his feedback sessions. Sandy is a very qualified professional and I would him recommend to anyone who requires his services.
Robin Levan
We had concurrent FCEs performed. The one performed by Sandy Goldstein was more thorough and considerably more accurate in its findings and conclusions
Eric Awerkamp
Communicates and explains the process of physical limitation to the clients and staff, very clearly and easy to understand.
Terry Pineda
We hired MEASURAbilties and it was an outstanding service. They came all the way to Tucson, worked for 12 hours, and the service tech, John, was kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Nicole Dahl