4 Wheel Walkers
Written by Craig B

Choosing And Using Walking Frames

Walking frames can give people a greater level of support and balance. Read on to learn how one can work for you!


You need your walking frame to be simple and comfortable to use. You will need it suited to your weight as well as your height. Give a few different models a go and see which one suits you needs.

Transportation And Storage

If your walking frame needs to be stored or transported it will need to be foldable. at the very least you will require a secure place away from the outside elements so it can maintain its durability.

Getting Fit

When being fitted ensure the crease in your hand is at the same level as the hand grip on the walker. You will need your elbows to bend between fifteen to thirty degrees so you can be both comfortable and safe.


Its is best to be facing forward when using your frame. use your leg that has been impaired first and bring the frame forward, then your less inflicted leg. Do not position the frame too far forward and when sitting down, use the arms of the chair or someone else for support.

What Are Rollators?

These are walking frames that have wheels and offer increased stability and balance and also a great compromise between a walker and a cane. They can also include baskets for shipping and seats when you need a rest!

Having a home safety assessment performed to identify fall risk and provide safety recommendations followed up by installation, can greatly reduce your risk of falls in your home environment. You are unique and your needs are too!

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